Not a Tame Lion: Sunday Yarn Advent

Not a Tame Lion: Sunday Yarn Advent

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"He is wild, you know. Not a tame lion."

-C. S. Lewis

Welcome to Narnia! This year the yarn Advent will be inspired by the magical world created by C. S. Lewis. Think dark, rich, winter colorways! 

You will receive a beautifully wrapped yarn calendar with several goodies/notions to open throughout the season of Advent. Everything will be Narnia themed. There will be four skeins for you to open every Sunday leading up to Christmas, and if you desire a little extra joy add on a skein to open Christmas! All the skeins will go together, color wise, if you want to use them together in a project. The colorways will be inspired by the colors in the above mood board. 

This will be an adventure you won't want to miss!

Advent Includes:

1. Four Skeins of Pine Twist or Spruce Twist-Full 100 grams (462 yards) or mini 50 grams (230 yards).

2. One ornament from Jam and Bread Co.

3. One progress keeper from Little Bitty Delights.

4. A few extra surprises. 

5. Optional Add-on: One 100 gram Skein of Pine Twist or Spruce Twist to open Christmas. 

*These Advent calendars will mail out the first week of November. Please order this seperatley from other items unless you do not mind everything mailing out together in November! 

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